Jury duty, COVID, and the collective spirit

January 2023

The end of clutter, what's next, and a note about the HarperCollins strike

December 2022

Notes for the new year

November 2022

A brief personal history of Twitter, plus where to find me now

October 2022

In last month’s newsletter, I linked to a lovely New York Times Book Review essay by Elisabeth Egan about the “enduring wisdom” of Goodnight Moon…

September 2022

On book challenges and the carless life

August 2022

File under "notes to self"

June 2022

Last week I decamped to the beach in North Carolina last week with my family, and until the Roe news broke on Friday I could not have felt more relaxed…

May 2022

I am an archivist’s nightmare. Look at the condition in which I had been keeping decades’ worth of letters—first in a storage unit with zero climate…

April 2022

What I've been up to lately

January 2022

For Christmas, my true love gave me singing lessons. I am a sing-in-the-shower, sing-while-cooking, sing-along-to-the-car-radio kind of singer, which is…

December 2021

On wrapping up the year and reading (some of) the comments